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 Sunday, 15 September, 2015

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Kidnapped App

The Kidnapped App is a; professional, high tech, safe & secure, personal protection system for those that are at risk of being harmed or kidnapped.

We have designed the Kidnapped App so that its existence and activities cannot be discovered, it cannot be turned off and it will send critical data to your CONTACTS until the battery is dead.

Once activated its actions cannot be stopped except by device destruction or by your CONTACTS remotely.

The Kidnapped App is loaded onto your; Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Laptop to help you protect you anywhere, anytime, 7/24/365.

There are 2 main system components to the Kidnapped App:

When the Kidnapped App is downloaded/purchased the USER component is installed on the device of the person that purchased the App (aka the USER) and the CONTACT component is installed onto the devices of the people you choose as a CONTACT.

These 2 components work together seamlessly to protect you.

USER Component

The USER is the person being protected by the Kidnapped App. The User is our Client!

The User downloads the KIDNAPPED APP and the USER component is then installed on your Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Laptop or any device connected to the Internet, 1 installation/licence per device.

Once the download is complete and it is installed you will be REQUIRED to complete a thorough questionnaire and set up. Please take your time to address the questions in the questionnaire many of these questions REQUIRE a response but some are optional.

Next we add the CONTACTS, choosing proper, safe CONTACTS is critical. You need to notify your CONTACTS and obtain their permission and make them aware of what you are doing. (Don’t worry when you need them we will remind them.)

The next step is to TEST the App with your CONTACTS to ensure it will work as we promise and when you need it! Make sure you learn how to use the 3 Operational Modes.

Once the USER component is installed/setup & tested now you can copy the USER component onto other systems of yours, for example: a second phone, a tablet, a PC (great defense for Home invasions) etc. The ability to copy the install saves you having to set it up on each device. There is a reduced cost for additional devices for the same USER!

Please note: when the App is activated on one device it activates and tracks on all related devices.

The USER component has 5 modes:

  • Standby        The App sits quietly on your device.
  • Test               Use this mode to test the App after install or when a new CONTACT is added.
  • Alert              Use this mode when you sense danger but still can safely gather more data for the App to transmit.
  • Patrol              Use this mode when you are patrolling and are in imminent risk for being Harmed or abducted. This mode requires your intervention to keep it from going to Kidnapped Mode. This mode will respond if you are injured.
  • Kidnapped    Use this mode when your life is in danger you can engage it or it can become engaged from other modes!


The Kidnapped App sends critical data found in your device to your CONTACTS once it is activated. This data includes:

  • Your system profile
  • Recent pictures
  • Recent texts
  • Recent videos
  • Recent audio and
  • GPS data

It also:

  • Turns device to silent mode (no sound or vibrations) and
  • activates the microphone to record what is going on, silently.
  • Activates all units owned by the same USER.

The data transfers to your contacts continue AUTOMATICALLY and SECRETLY until the Battery is drained or the device is destroyed.

All of this data can be viewed on the CONTACT App and can be forwarded to a RESPONSE Agency.

CONTACT Component

When a USER sets up their system their chosen CONTACTS will receive a link and an email instructing them to download and install the CONTACT component.

The CONTACT component is installed on the Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Laptop of the people that you choose to be your CONTACTS. All of your CONTACTS will receive an email from the USER explaining what is happening and the e-mail will contain the link to download the CONTACT component. This component is free.

The purpose of the CONTACT component is to receive, observe and transmit the critical data being sent by the USER when they have an emergency. The CONTACT component has a built in Map so you can instantly see where the USER is located.

Contacts must be prepared to act on behalf of the USER in the event of an Emergency. Your handling of the data received may help to save the USER life.

After downloading and once you install the CONTACT component you will have to complete the set up process for the CONTACT component.

The component has 4 modes:

  • Standby
  • Practise/Test
  • Receiving an Alert message
  • Receiving a Kidnapped message

When the USER has an Emergency the CONTACT is automatically notified and begins to receive the critical data. The CONTACT then needs to respond immediately by contacting a Responder and providing this data to them.


You can Download the KIDNAPPED APP for a free 14 day trial and test it.

Please note: The KIDNAPP APP is not a guarantee that your life will be saved and that you will not be kidnapped. If the Kidnapped App is activated and you have Cell Service then it will send critical data to your CONTACTS that will be of great value in potentially saving your life in the event you are threatened or kidnapped.


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