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 Sunday, 15 September, 2015

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The Kidnapped App is an excellent asset for children and young adults who may be at risk and they can be taught to use and deploy it to help save lives in the case of abduction or worse a school invasion.

In addition the App can be given to School Teachers and Administrators to help in a rapid reaction to a crisis in the School. Your response forces can be alerted directly and immediately.

The Kidnapped App Team wishes to work with Schools and School Administrations around the world to help to prevent Child Abductions and related disasters.

We offer special pricing for schools and universities and we are glad to work with the School Administration to make the response arrangements required, we are focused on keep the children safe.

We will deploy this to many Schools and Universities but we cannot tell you which schools as that defeats the purpose of the secrecy of the App.

Please contact your representative if you are an Administrator at a School/College or University and we will be glad to make arrangements to provide you with copies of our App for a reduced cost.

Help us to protect your kids contact us today!

Protecting our Children is Paramount!

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