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 Sunday, 15 September, 2015

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The system is a PROFFESIONAL, POWERFUL and SECRET life protection system, that is easy to install, set up and test and easy to deploy in the event of an EMERGENCY.

The App and our supporting administrative processes have undergone months and months of design, development and testing with one goal in mind;

Complete system secrecy and security for your protection.

The following are some of the precautions and protections offered by the Kidnapped App.

User Set up Data Management

The USER’s set up data is highly confidential and potentially problem solving if discovered. This data is NOT stored online, once it is entered, it quickly becomes encrypted and stored off line.

All of our client data is stored digitally but removed from the web where it is safe, data cannot be hacked if it cannot be accessed.

The set up data can be highly sensitive so it is kept secret until needed. The CONTACTS will NOT see this data unless the USER is kidnapped. These segments of the set up file will only be revealed in the event of a kidnapping:

  • USER Profile Section
  • Responder Section
  • Where are you now Section
  • People of Concern Section

We are focused on keeping your sensitive data secret and safe until it is needed.

Data Transmission

Much of our design is focused on making sure the App:

  • runs as long as possible (caving the battery)
  • gathers as much critical data for as long as possible and forwarding it to your CONTACTS!

Data Decisions

Our process instructs you on how to choose safe CONTACTS. Choose your CONTACTS wisely as your life may depend upon them.

Our anonymous TEAM is also there to serve you and to RESPOND for you if needed. We have no interest in you other than to serve you with our App.

This system is not linked to anyone that you do NOT trust and we do not trust anyone.

System Design

Here are the Key system features:

  1. 1. Once activated the KIDNAPPED APP hides on your phone so no one knows it even exists.
  2. 2. The system is AUTOMATIC and does everything it needs to do once it is initiated.
  3. 3. It cannot be turned off. Only your CONTACTS can stop the KIDNAPPED APP once it starts.
  4. 4. And as a further security measure all 3 of your CONTACTS need to be involved to stop the system from acting.
  5. 5. The system will not reveal itself when you are hiding, volume is muted, no vibrations allowed.
  6. 6. The system knows you cannot interact with it and once started it will continue to run until the battery dies in your phone and critical data is sent to your CONTACTS.
  7. 7. If the device is charged again the transmitting continues.
  8. 8. The microphone is automatically turned on and off to capture audio data silently for transmitting.
  9. 9. Turning off the phone does not stop the App.
  10. 10. Once activated all linked devices also go into Kidnapped mode. They can all send data.


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