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 Sunday, 15 September, 2015

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SETTING UP THE CONTACT: Kidnapped Component

The second component to the Kidnapped App is the CONTACT component. It is installed onto the smartphone and or pc of the CONTACT.

This component is free and allows the CONTACT to track and collect data from the USER in the event of a Kidnapped or Alert is sent.

Please make sure to follow our instructions correctly as set forth here.

STEP 1.   A USER has asked you to be a CONTACT and now in order to support the USER you need to download the CONTACT component from HERE.

Install the CONTACT component on your Smartphone and PC.

Do not tell anyone you are supporting the USER. SECRECY is part of our power and your protection!
STEP 2.   As the APP installs, follow the instructions, ……
STEP 3.   You will need to complete some details and create a password that will need to be entered to cancel the ALERT or KIDNAPPED Mode.
STEP 4.   Advise the USER you are now ready for a TEST. Participate in the TEST.
STEP 5.   Go about your business but remain diligent.

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