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 Sunday, 15 September, 2015

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SETTING UP THE USER: Kidnapped Component

The Kidnapped App is not a toy; it is a system that could help to save your life if you are ever threatened with a kidnapping or in danger of being kidnapped or hurt.

Do not tell anyone you have purchased the KIDNAPPED APP (except of course your CONTACTS). SECRECY is part of our power and your protection!

If you are deploying this APP to your Family please be sure to discuss the serious nature of the App in detail. Teach them how to use it and practise using the App as a Family in the TEST mode.

NOTE: Never have immediate family members as CONTACTS.

Please make sure to follow our instructions correctly as set forth here and TEST it once you are finished.

STEP 1.   Download the USER component HERE.
STEP 2.   As the component installs, follow the instructions, make sure it can access your GPS/Phone/Camera/Microphone, say yes to all or the APP will not function as designed.
STEP 3.   Take the time needed to complete your “Profile Section” and add 2 recent pictures, make sure the photos are only of you and show clearly your face and whole body pictures, make sure the pictures are recent and realistic. There is no need for vanity here.

Some questions are required to be answered, some are optional. The more data that you provide the more clues we will have to find you with and the more clues we will have to help us search.
STEP 4.   Next if you wish to provide us with a DNA sample answer YES to that Question and we will contact you with further instructions.
STEP 4a.   Decide who good CONTACTS might be. You need at least 1 unless you engage the Kidnapped App Team. A good contact is someone who is:
  • Not an immediate family member.
  • Is a person you can completely trust.
  • Someone who has an email address and a smart phone to communicate with.
  • Someone who uses both their phone and email regularly.
  • Someone you are not necessarily physically close to. Do not travel with your CONTACTS.
  • NOTE they can be located in different places in fact it is preferred!
  • Someone you do NOT travel with typically.
  • Someone smart enough to respond on your behalf and who is aware of what is going on.
  • Someone, NOT your spouse, business partner, in-law, someone you do not ever suspect may want to do ill to you.
Contacts can be changed as needed, when needed.
NOTE: If you are travelling with a CONTACT remove them as a CONTACT immediately.

Once you have decided who your contacts could be, contact them and ask their permission and advise them that they will receive an email from you containing the link to the CONTACT component. Further discuss with them how you want them to RESPOND in the event of an EMERGENCY.

Once they agree, sign them up, they will receive an email with a link and they will have to download the component to their Phone and or PC then they will need to complete the sign up. Advise them they will receive a TEST Message from you in the near future and determine a password with them to be entered into the Contacts Section.

Please note the Contact will know your locations and all of the confidential sections of the sign up will be revealed to them when you activate an ALERT or the KIDNAPPED mode on the APP and they will receive critical, potentially lifesaving (or life taking) data about you.
STEP 4b.   Please note for an additional fee our Team can be one of your Contacts.

We are a safe alternative and we are manning our computers and emails 7/24/365, we have no relationship with you and are complete unknowns to your inner circle. No one is better situated to serve you in the event of an emergency.

The cost to engage us as one of your contacts is US $ 19.99/month or 0.027 cents per hour.
STEP 4c.   The final section of the set-up is the “where are you now section”. This section needs to be completed every time you are not situated where your normal home address is. Please keep this current. This section also remains confidential.
STEP 4d.   Now you will complete the:
  • Responder section
  • People of concern section.
These sections will remain CONFIDENTIAL until an actual kidnapping/alert occurs. Then these names are released to your CONTACTS.
STEP 5.   TEST the APP. Once the set-up is done and the CONTACTS are in the loop it is time to TEST the App. The TEST will use the same process as activating the APP in an Emergency except we open the PRACTISE section first on the APP.

The App will send a “test message” to your CONTACTS. Do this while you are in a safe area and not while you are at Risk

You CONTACTS will confirm that they received the TEST by cancelling the TEST as they would turn off an ALERT or a KIDNAPPED Alarm.

You can further confirm the TEST by calling your CONTACTS and asking them to tell you where you are now.

If you are teaching others use the PRACTISE MODE to teach your family how to use the App IF they are getting the App also.
STEP 6.   Now change the ICON on the App by……………………………
STEP 7.   In the future, the App will send you reminders once in a while reminding you to update your Profile/Where are you now and your CONTACTS.
STEP 8.   Go about your business but remain diligent and keep your phone close.

Only your Contacts will be aware you have the system, it is like a “silent alarm” it is designed to be hidden so your abductors never know the system is activated and helping to save your life. Do not advertise to anyone beyond your contacts that you are employing the Kidnapped App. You never know who is a friend or a foe!

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