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 Sunday, 15 September, 2015

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What to do……

The following is our suggestions on how to best use the Kidnapped App when you are at risk of being harmed or abducted. The App will show people where you are and what is happening!!!

The Kidnapped App responds AUTOMATICALLY on your behalf doing a myriad of things to protect you once you activate it, the key is to activate it on time.

Once it is activated, you need to keep the phone on your person or near to you for as long as possible so that critical data can be transmitted by your device showing your whereabouts and what is happening to you.

The more data sent the greater the chance you will be found sooner.

When threatened activate the App FAST then you can focus on staying alive and well and eluding your, would be captors, or those that are trying to harm you.

When you install the App and have your CONTACTS set up we require that you Test the App at least one time and we recommend that you practise using the App in the TEST Mode.

When you are threatened you have 3 choices, choose safely:

  1. ACTIVATE the KIDNAPPED Mode on the App by simply pressing the “up volume button” 3 times quickly and then the App begins

    The phone will vibrate for 5 seconds to acknowledge it is active.

    Do this when you are in immediate danger. Now you are free to try to ESCAPE. Do your best to hide or conceal the phone as best you can. You can also record an initial 30 sec audio clip upon activation, give as many crucial details as possible IF you are able to talk.

    Please research our Kidnapped Stats section for more information on surviving a Kidnapping or do your own research.

  2. ACTIVATE the PATROL Mode if you are working in an extreme high risk area then be proactive by activating and setting the PATROL Mode.

    To do this simply open the App, select PARTROL and set the time for a reminder.

    The phone will give you 3 long separate vibrations to acknowledge it is active.

    In the PATROL Mode will go to the KIDNAPPED Mode unless you keep telling it not to. The App will ask you innocuously if you still need it (aka are you safe) no response will trigger the KIDNAPPED mode.

    ♦  “do you still need my help today” Answer NO if you wish to reset the clock. To cancel the PATROL Mode, open the App and cancel it with a password.

    NOTE Using the Patrol Mode allows the captors to see that you have the APP if they are looking for it. Of course at any time you can activate the KIDNAPPED mode by pushing the up volume 3 times quickly.

  3. ACTIVATE the ALERT Mode if you are being attacked with no risk of kidnapping or if you have time to respond before being kidnapped on the APP by opening the APP and pressing ALERT.

    The phone will vibrate for 3 seconds to acknowledge it is active.

    The App will automatically begin to record a 10 minute video so try to position the camera to record a video without being obvious about it; be sure to narrate the video with words that will help to save your life; for example: “I am being approached by 3 men wearing ….. I saw these men at the Sears store an hour ago, they have been following me in a white Ford van …….”

    This data can be useful as evidence in the case of an attack on you!

    The System will automatically go to the KIDNAPPED Mode in 10 minutes IF you don’t respond. The System will send you an innocuous reminder:

    ♦  “do you still need my help today” Answer NO if you wish to cancel the Alert.

    prior to going into KIDNAPPED Mode allowing you to cancel the ALERT IF it is a false alarm. IF it is not a false alarm simply focus on your escape, hide the phone and the APP will do its job for you!

    At any time in the ALERT Mode you can activate the KIDNAPPED MODE by pushing the up volume button 3 times quickly.

    Please be sure to activate the KIDNAPPED Mode if you are in trouble. It is better to send some data than none at all. Let the App help you, activate it then focus on your survival, help is COMING!

  4. When you are captured?

    Do your best to keep the device or devices on you so that they can continue to transmit valuable data. If you have loaded the APP on your Phone and Laptop chances are they will just eliminate your phone or if your family is captured with you they will likely let the kids keep their Ipad and when one device is activated all linked devices are activated.

    Focus on your health and safety as best you can, be polite and cooperative; know that help is on the way.

    Please note the phone volume will be muted so you cannot hear anything from the phone nor will the phone vibrate, this is to protect you from having the phone noticed.

    If you can safely talk, then speak to the phone, the phone will record audio for 15 seconds every 2 minutes, so repeat this information over and over so that the phone can record and transmit the data automatically.

    Record information that will help your RESPONDERS.

    Change the message every few minutes to provide more and different data to your Responders.

    Conserve your energy, be positive and focus on remaining healthy and fit, help is on the way!

    As a CONTACT

    When a USER needs you to respond you will receive a notification by text and email that a USER needs you every 5 minutes until you respond. From this text you can open your CONTACT component to see what is happening. Data will be continuously sent to you until there is no more data to receive. The CONTACT component will show you where the USER is. Additionally you will receive the USER complete profile to assist you in the RESPONSE.

    1. Do not Panic, stay calm and focused and follow the instructions that you just received.
    2. Contact the RESPONDER that the USER has identified and provide them the data you have received. (The Responder Form will be sent to you with their profile) If they have not designated a RESPONDER choose carefully who you should advise and ask to respond on behalf of the USER.
    3. DO NOT ATTEMPT to rescue the USER.
    4. DO NOT CONTACT THEM as this may alert the Kidnappers to the fact that you know they are being kidnapped?
    5. The data you receive will be invaluable to the RESPONDER. Contact HELP/RESPONDER immediately.
    6. Stay safe and let the professional Responders do the job they are trained for.
    7. Stay near your phone/pc for more updates.
    8. Only the CONTACT component can turn off the Alert or Kidnapped response once it has been initiated by the USER.
    9. Contact for more ideas if you need.


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